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A key mission of the Institute for Palestine Studies is to provide the public with the broadest collection of free, reliable, fact-based online resources on Palestine in one accessible location. The IPS online resources serve two purposes: to document Palestinian history and events related to the Arab-Israeli conflict; and to provide users with necessary background to current events.


These sections offer original material created for the IPS website, as well as valuable collections culled from IPS books, journals and archive material.

JPS’s rigorous, detailed, day-by-day summaries of the quarter’s events based on Palestinian, Arab, Israeli and International sources from 1982 to the present.

This database tracks all legislation dealing with Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict introduced by the U.S. Congress since 2001.

IPS offers full length videos of exclusive interviews with experts in the field along with insider commentary on current and past events in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Shorter informational videos produced by IPS relating to the Palestine question can also be found here.

The previously unpublished documents related to Oslo and the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations that comprise the appendices of Rashid Khalidi’s Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East. IPS exclusive!

A summary of bilateral, multilateral, regional and international events affecting the Palestinians and the future of the peace process since 1994.

Reprinted articles, statistics and maps pertaining to Israeli settlement activities in the occupied territories since 1993.

JPS’s valuable document collections organized around watershed events in the Arab-Israeli negotiations and issues of current popular interest.

Each month, IPS releases a collection of select JPS articles from past years detailing and analyzing a particular topic relevant to current affairs.