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The Jerusalem Quarterly is eager to receive original contributions about Jerusalem, its history and political realities. Essays range from 3,500 to 12,000 words, depending on the subject matter. Only rarely do we accept personal memoirs or fiction works.

Queries should be directed to the JQ Managing Editor: [email protected]


  • Our journals use British English spelling and punctuation. Authors are requested to consult the Chicago Manual during the preparation of manuscripts for all questions relating to punctuation, capitalization, and the like.
  • All articles must use the Chicago style of footnote citation. All footnotes must be placed at the end of the manuscript; citations within the text of the manuscript are not acceptable. The Chicago style requires a complete citation – author, title, place of publication, publisher, and date of publication – upon first use of a source, and an abbreviated form of citation thereafter.
  • Any transliteration of Arabic names should follow the styles used by the
International Journal for Middle East Studies (see Transliteration System below).
  • All articles submitted to our journals are sent to the readers for evaluation. Authors should allow four to eight weeks from the date of submission for a final evaluation of the articles.
  • The author should include a short identification of him/herself.
  • Photos and figures (charts, graphs, and other artwork) should be in camera-ready form; they cannot be redrawn by the printer. Captions should be provided, and preferred placement of figures indicated in the manuscript.

Transliteration System

All technical terms from languages using non-Roman alphabets must be fully transliterated with diacritics. In addition, personal names, place names, names of political parties and organizations, and titles of books should be translitered but the macrons and dots omitted. Authors are responsible for the consistency and accuracy of their transliteration. For Arabic and Persian, IJMES uses the modified Encyclopedia of Islam system: qaf=q not k; jim=j not dj; roman double-letter equivalents are not underlined; the l of al- is not assimilated
to the following consonant; ta marbuta is rendered a not ah, except in Persian, where it should be rendered ih; the adjectival -ya followed by ta marbuta is rendered -iyya (iyyih in Persian); nisba is rendered -iyya. Except at the beginning of an English sentence or endnote, only proper names are capitalized. For Ottoman Turkish, use modern Turkish orthography. Persian must be transliterated with the IJMES system, not that of the Encyclopedia Iranica, so i and u must be used, not e and o. The Persian izafat is rendered as -i.


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