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Issue 80

JQ 80 (Winter 2019)

The Editorial

Materiality and Ghostliness


Nation or Industry: The Non-Electrification of Nablus
Fredrik Meiton
Abstract: This article highlights one component of the historical conjuncture that generated the two most salient facts of the Arab-Israeli conflict: that in the nationalist struggle over Palestine, Jews achieved statehood and Palestinians did not. Since what is at issue here is as much why...
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Materializing Palestinian Memory: Objects of Home and the Everyday Eternities of Exile
Dima Saad
Abstract: The production of oral history has had monumental implications for the resonance of Palestinian voices in intellectual and public discourse. This article endeavors to further expand its reach by outlining the methodological importance of including in Palestinian oral history projects an...
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Patrick Geddes: Luminary or Prophet of Demonic Planning
Nazmi Jubeh
Abstract The British vision for the future of Jerusalem was drawn much earlier than its occupation of the city. Nineteenth-century British travelers, explorers, and missionaries had already connected Jerusalem with the biblical narrative and determined its future. Regardless of what actually...
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The Atarot Exception? Business and Human Rights under Colonization
Marya Farah
Abstract: The Israeli industrial settlement of Atarot sits in East Jerusalem, bounded by Palestinian residential communities and the infrastructure of the occupation. The settlement, like other industrial zones throughout the occupied Palestinian territory, was established on unlawfully confiscated...
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Palestine at the Centennial Fair of 1876
Linda K. Jacobs
Abstract: The Centennial Fair, held in Philadelphia in 1876, is regarded as the first world’s fair in the United States. Along with a substantial exhibit organized by the Ottoman government, a number of bazaars were set up outside the main building to show and sell Ottoman and Holy Land goods. This...
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From “Rag-and-Tatter Town” to Booming-and- Bustling City: Remembering Mildred White and Ramallah
Donn Hutchison
Abstract: This article from Hutchison opens with his description of the Ramallah he knows—having come to the city 17 years after the Nakba. He places this in juxtaposition to the Ramallah described by the Quaker missionary, Mildred White, who had lived in Ramallah during 1948. He then introduces...
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Kamal Boullata: A Walk through Memory
Raja Shehadeh
Abstract: In this celebration of the life of his friend, Kamal Boullata, Shehadeh describes his first meetings with the celebrated writer and artist. He recounts the ways in which Boullata was a driving force in her life, encouraging him to write his first book. Outlining many of Boullata’s...
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Traces of the Nakba
Penny Johnson, Raja Shehadeh
Abstract: In this review essay of four different art exhibitions from 2018 and 2019, Penny Johnson and Raja Shehadeh explore how the shadows of 1948 and the Nakba creep into the (Israeli institutional) art spaces of Herzliya, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. Johnson and Shehadeh find themselves...
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Fact File

Population and Housing Census, Main Findings for Jerusalem, 2017
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
This chapter presents the main results for key indicators of the Population and Housing Census in Jerusalem governorate, 2017, which was carried out during the period (1/12/2017–24/12/2017) on individual, household, and housing conditions.
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