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Issue 69

JQ 69 (Spring 2017)

The Editorial

Al-Atlal: Ruins and Recollections

Special File

Ibrahim Dakkak Award - 2016 Winners & 2017 New Round
Compiled by Editorial Staff
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Diaries & Biographies

A Passage from a Diary of Echoes
Alexandra Sophia Handal
Jerusalem and Bethlehem are sister cities that have historically shared close-knit social, economic and cultural ties. In 1948, when Zionist forces ethnically cleansed the western quarters of Jerusalem and its hinterland from their Palestinian Arab population, this had concrete consequences for...
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Walking on Ruins: The Untold Story of Yalu
Ulla Mundinger
In June 2017, Yalu will observe its anniversary of 50 years of extinction. The Palestinian village has a long history to tell. A history of forced transformation and oblivion, of applying thick layers of trimmed present on the remaining shreds of the past. Since its expulsion in 1967and the...
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Who Was Spyro Houris?
Adina Hoffman
During the summer of 2014, Adina Hoffman set out through the streets of Jerusalem in search of an elusive British Mandate-era architect named Spyro Houris. In this excerpt from her book, Till We Have Built Jerusalem , she recounts aspects of her quest to discover who this “most outstanding Arab...
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Derelict Structures

Al-Assi Cinema Studio: Glorious Past and Pale Present
Zahraa Zawawi, Mohammad Abu Hammad
In the history of Arabic literature, poets stood on the relics (Atlal) of their lovers’ residency areas, recalled love memories and paid tributes to them in their poem. Al-Assi Cinema is considered a (Tallal); a space that remained. Since more than a decade, it has been left for forgetfulness and...
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Construction, Destruction, and the In-Between: al-Na‘ama Flourmill, Nablus
Shaden Awad, Manal Bishawi
Al Naameh Flour Mill characterizes an exceptional instance in the manufacturing movement in Nablus. Its establishment is linked to the modernity project that the city witnessed between WWI and WWII. The mill journey from its inception to its annihilation reflects the transformations in the power...
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The Ottoman Saraya: All That Did Not Remain
Khaldun Bshara
"All that did not remain” is about the Ottoman saraya (regional government headquarters of mid and late Ottoman era in Palestine) that disappeared from the physical landscapes of urban centers in Palestine. The essay poses a methodological question about how can we think about material culture that...
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Tegart’s Modern Legacy: The Reproduction of Power, a Timeless Paradox
Yasid El Rifai, Dima Yaser, Adele Jarrar
In this narrative, we strive to examine and illustrate the role that was played by the Tegart forts in the Palestinian landscape, since their establishment in 1936 to their nowness, addressing changes that were altered to this legacy. These structures stood as loci, radiating power in the...
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Stolen Land: Tracing Traumascapes in Four Leprosaria in the Jerusalem District
Suzannah Henty
In the writing of history of threatened heritage, collectively we can better understand the return to sovereign title and rightful citizenry of space. In Jerusalem and its surrounding suburbs are four leprosaria: Mamilla Asylum, Jesus Hilfe Asyl ( Talbiya ), Silwan and Surda (star) Mountain. These...
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Diminishing Landscapes

Solomon’s Pools: A Patient Framework Awaiting Its Potential
Dima Srouji
Negligence has shadowed Solomon’s Pools through many phases of atlal. Their ever-changing occupiers and authorities painted different narratives of ruin for each generation. Looking back at this narrative, my own idea of atlal in regard to the pools and the surrounding area relates to the Israeli...
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Balu‘ as Residual Space: Landform and Sociality in Palestine
Omar Imseeh Tesdell, Iyad Issa
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Letter from Jerusalem

Books, Not Soldiers
Mahmoud Muna
As shelves of books are now nicely filled with colourful books at Jerusalem’s Educational bookshop, thousands more are stored in dark rooms in the basement of the Israeli National Library; stolen property of Palestinian dynasties but categorized as “abandoned”. Books and the way we arrange them, is...
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Photo Memoir

As Is When
Zeyad Dajani
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