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Issue 58

JQ 58 (Spring 2014)

The Editorial

Words and Deeds in Jerusalem


Ghosts of Jerusalem: Ramallah’s Haunted Landscapes
Christopher Harker, Reema Shebeitah, Dareen Sayyad
In October 2012, a new roundabout was built at a point where it is possible to say, very approximately, that the Bireh neighborhood of Um al-Sharayet, the Ramallah neighborhood of Masyoun, and the UNRWA administered al-Am‘ari refugee camp all meet. If a driver who has reached this point of...
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Pockets of Lawlessness in the “Oasis of Justice”
Candace Graff
Kufr ‘Aqab is a neighborhood on the outskirts of municipal Jerusalem, left on the West Bank side of the city by the separation wall. The skyline is packed with high-rise monstrosities, trash covers the streets, and there is not a tree in sight. Cut out of Jerusalem yet still under its jurisdiction...
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Sharing and Exclusion: The Case of Rachel’s Tomb
Glenn Bowman
In the opening decades of the last century, in the latter days of Ottoman rule over Greater Syria as well as in the early days of the British Mandate for Palestine, inter-communal sharing of shrines was still a relatively common phenomenon. In the summer of 1903, Lewis Paton accompanied Professors...
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My Aunt’s Mamilla
Helga Tawil-Souri
My father’s eldest sister has always served in my mind as a potential family encyclopedia. “Potential” because I never had the opportunity to spend much time with her. She had come and visited us in Beirut once in the mid 1970s – I vaguely remember. My grandmother, with whom I spent much of my...
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Saint Barbara’s Nocturnal Visits: Jerusalem Memoirs
George Jawharieh
When I was seven years old, I often used to visit my dear aunt Shafiqa in her ancient house in the Old City. Returning home, her son Na‘im would escort me on what was probably a fifteen-minute walk – from Herod’s Gate to our house. Just past Herod’s Gate, there was a sous-vendor in the street. The...
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Sports and Aspirations: Football in Palestine, 1900 – 1948
Issam Khalidi
More than one hundred years have passed since the beginnings of football in Palestine. By the Mandate period, football was the most popular game in Palestine, played on streets and in schools and clubs. In this essay, I argue that football was a mirror that reflected political, economic, and social...
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Running the Divide
Mick Dumper
Running and divided cities are not an obvious mix. However, during the course of research for a project on divided cities I have had the chance to run round and through the cities of Belfast, Brussels, Mostar, Nicosia, Beirut, and both Israeli West Jerusalem and occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem...
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A Year in Jerusalem
Penny Johnson
“A year here will be a nice change from our usual Third World destinations,” muses cartoonist and graphic travel writer Guy Delisle, as he and his family land in Ben- Gurion Airport in August 2008 (p. 8). Delilse’s previous graphic travelogues observed daily life in Pyongyang, Shezuan, and Burma,...
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