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Issue 54

JQ 54 (Summer 2013)

The Editorial



The Marwani Musalla in Jerusalem: New Findings
Beatrice St. Laurent, Issam Awwad
Shortly after Caliph ‘Umar ibn al- Khattab’s (579-644, caliph 634-644) arrival in Jerusalem in 638, he is said to have constructed a rudimentary mosque or prayer space south of the historical Rock now contained within the Dome of the Rock (completed 691) on the former Temple Mount or Bayt al-Maqdis...
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With the Dregs at the Sambo Café: The Shrouf Diaries, 1943-1962
Alex Winder
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Shrouf was born in the village of Nuba, located about eleven kilometers north-west of Hebron, in 1913. Though still a child when Britain occupied Palestine in 1917, Shrouf came of age under British Mandate rule and his adult life was later shaped indelibly by the upheaval...
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Villagers on the Move: Re-thinking Fallahin Rootedness in Late-Ottoman Palestine
Susynne McElrone
Quite possibly there is no region of the Ottoman Empire of comparable size that has been studied geo-microhistorically in the past two decades as much as Ottoman Palestine,1 particularly cities that today fall within the pre-1967 borders of the Israeli state, and Nablus.
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Lifta and the Regime of Forgetting: Memory Work and Conservation
Daphna Golan, Zvika Orr, Sami Ershied
The village of Lifta is situated at the entrance to Jerusalem, on a steep slope below the road that ascends from the coast. This impressive village, known for its vernacular architecture and its construction typology incorporating ancient terraces, was emptied of its Palestinian residents during...
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Exposing Israel’s Foreign Policy Myths: the Work of Amnon Kapeliuk
Noam Chomsky, Irene Gendzier
“The status quo will persist in the region for as long as we want it to.” The current situation will stay the way it is even for twenty or thirty years, until the Arabs agree to convert it into a “real peace” with Israel, in which normal relations will be established between the Arab states and...
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Communal Impoverishment in Jerusalem
UNCTAD Secretariat
In the last two decades, compounding the increasing fragmentation and hollowingout of the once vibrant and well-connected urban economy of East Jerusalem, social conditions have deteriorated in an unprecedented manner. The economy is battered by the same shocks affecting the rest of OPT (Occupied...
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A Microcosm of Palestine: Witnessing the 1967 Fall of Jerusalem
Rana Barakat
there is a governing style for every culture, in Israel that style is theft. (Abdullah Schleifer, The Fall of Jerusalem, p. 47) While reading The Fall of Jerusalem over for this review, I realized how little work has been done by Palestinian historians on 1967, diplomatic and political treatises...
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