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Issue 36

JQ 36 ( 2009)

The Editorial

Archiving Palestine and the Palestinians: The Patrimony of Ihsan Nimr


Archiving Palestine and the Palestinians: The Patrimony of Ihsan Nimr
Beshara Doumani
Archive fever is spreading among Palestinians everywhere. Whether in Ramallah or London, Haifa or San Francisco, Beirut or Riyad, someone or some group is busy interviewing old people and compiling genealogies, searching for photographs and letters, collecting textiles and folksongs, visiting and...
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Landed Property, Palestinian Migration to America and the Emergence of a New Local Leadership: al-Bireh 1919- 1947
Saleh Abdel Jawad
Introduction Numerous books and scores of articles have appeared on the topic of Syrian and Lebanese emigration to the United States. The overwhelming majority of these works have been in English, and have mostly focused on the motivations for such emigration, its circumstances, and how the...
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A Liminal Existence in Jerusalem: al-Baq’a 1949
Issam Nassar
Sitting in his home in the southwestern suburb of Jerusalem of al-Baq’a, on a side street off the Bethlehem road, Jeryis al-Salti wrote in an unused calendar book from 1937 what became the first line in his year long diary. “We started writing in this diary on Friday May 13, 1949.” It had been a...
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Architecture as a Source for Historical Documentation: The Use of Palestine’s Built Heritage as a Research Tool
Nazmi Al-Ju'beh
Introduction Adequate attention has not yet been given to either Palestine’s material cultural heritage or its spatial and cultural landscape. Both constitute important historical documentation that can serve as a primary resource for the reconstructing the past.1 Most researchers and historians...
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Early Printing Presses in Palestine: A Historical Note
Mohammed Basil Suleiman
Palestine was part of the Ottoman sultanate and the development of the printing press cannot be separated from similar contexts elsewhere in the empire. The special status attributed to Palestine was related to its position as the Holy Land and its economy and social organization was heavily...
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