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Issue . 80
P. 76
Palestine at the Centennial Fair of 1876

Abstract: The Centennial Fair, held in Philadelphia in 1876, is regarded as the first world’s fair in the United States. Along with a substantial exhibit organized by the Ottoman government, a number of bazaars were set up outside the main building to show and sell Ottoman and Holy Land goods. This paper describes the arduous efforts of Palestine merchants to participate in the fair, giving native and non-native merchants from Palestine their first opportunity to show goods in the United States, establishing a foundation for the global trade in Holy Land and religious goods.


Keywords: Centennial fair; Holy Land goods; Ottoman participation in Centennial fair; mother-of-pearl; olive wood; Jerusalem merchants; Bethlehem merchants; Turkish tobacco; Kurt; Panayotti; Dabdoub; Weintraub; Vester; Thomas Cook