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Issue . 80
P. 41
The Atarot Exception? Business and Human Rights under Colonization

Abstract: The Israeli industrial settlement of Atarot sits in East Jerusalem, bounded by Palestinian residential communities and the infrastructure of the occupation. The settlement, like other industrial zones throughout the occupied Palestinian territory, was established on unlawfully confiscated land and includes a range of Israeli and international businesses. As Israel continues to invest in the industrial zone, plans for a residential settlement in the area have also been revitalized. In contrast, Israel simultaneously ensures that the business climate and economy at-large for Palestinians in Jerusalem is obstructed, and housing options remain inadequate due to a discriminatory planning system. Within this coercive environment, some Palestinians have established businesses in Atarot. This article seeks to highlight the complex decisions faced by Palestinian Jerusalem ID holders, and considers the lines drawn between necessity and normalization. 


Keywords: Jerusalem; colonization; occupied Palestinian territory; Atarot; coercive environment; business; human rights.


Editor’s Note:
A notable contribution to the 2019 Ibrahim Dakkak Award for Outstanding Essay on Jerusalem.