In Perspective

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VOL. 30


No. 4
P. 93
In Perspective
In Perspective


Israeli youth in the town of Sederot examine the hole left by a mortar fired by Hamas across © the Gaza border into Israel on 16 April. In all, five mortars were reportedly launched. According to the International Jerusalem Post of 27 April, Israel’s defense minister and IDF chief of staff had also “trooped out to the mortar hole, looking grim and promising security.”


A Palestinian boy walks by one of the eleven homes destroyed by the IDF in Bayt Hanun, the suspected mortar launch site, in retaliato ry land, sea, and air attacks on 16 April. During the same operation, the IDF bulldozed 217 dunams of Palestinian land around the town and, the following day, temporarily reoccupied a one- mile strip in the Bayt Hanun area.