(In)security Zones in South Lebanon

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VOL. 23


No. 1
P. 61
(In)security Zones in South Lebanon

This essay considers the dilemma of south Lebanon, a region enmeshed in regional conflict and an area where Lebanon's internal conflicts have reverberated and even exploded. The region, which borders Israel to the south and Syria to the east, has been for more than two decades a virtual battlefield where the inhabitants have been punished dearly for the accident of living in the crossfire between Israeli and Palestinian guns. As the peace process moves forward on other fronts, the fate of this region remains to be resolved.

Augustus Richard Norton, professor of international relations at Boston University, is the author of Amal and the Shi'a. Struggle for the Soul of Lebanon (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1987) and other works.


Jillian Schwedler is associate program officer with New York University's Civil Society in the Middle East Program.