Afro-Americans and Arabs: An Alliance in the Making?

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VOL. 10


No. 2
P. 50
Afro-Americans and Arabs: An Alliance in the Making?

It has been reported that:

Polling some 3,200 Black people in Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant and East Harlem (New York), in 1974, the newspaper [Muhammad Speaks] found that 71 percent support the Arabs while only 29 percent sided with Israel or had no view [relative to the October War]. This marked a significant change in view from 1970, when a similar poll revealed that 40 percent agreed with the Arabs while 38 percent were sympathetic to Israel.... 65 percent of the Afro-Americans interviewed felt that the Palestinians should have the right to reclaim the land and property taken from them by the Israeli state.

Robert G. Newby teaches Sociology at Wayne State University in Detroit.