Report by Brookings Institution's Middle East Study Group

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VOL. 6


No. 2
P. 195
Special Document
Report by Brookings Institution's Middle East Study Group

The Journal reprints below the Brookings Institution's study group report Toward Peace in the Middle East.' Although published in December 1975, it has received current attention because several of the participants of the group now hold top-level positions in the Carter administration. Among those participating were Zbigniew Brzezinski, now Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, and William Quandt, now Office Director for Middle East and North African Affairs-National Security Council staff. Other study group members were: Morroe Berger, Robert R. Bowie, John C. Campbell, Najeeb Halaby, Rita Hauser, Roger W. Heyns (Chairman), Alan Horton, Malcolm Kerr, Fred Khouri, Philip Klutznick, Nadav Safran, Stephen Spiegel, A. L. Udovitch and Charles W. Yost.