The Palestinians in the Consciousness of Israeli Youth

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VOL. 4


No. 2
P. 52
The Palestinians in the Consciousness of Israeli Youth

Until fairly recently there was a tendency among analysts in the Arab world to view Israeli society as a homogeneous and monolithic entity, despite their recognition that Israeli society comprised various immigrant and ethnic groups which do not share common cultural or linguistic characteristics. The fact that Israeli society was regarded as unified was above all the outcome of Israel's previous performances on the military front where until the 1973 October War, it managed to assert itself unchallenged. But since the average political spectator in the Arab world believed simultaneously that Israelis lacked a true sense of national identity and common geo-political experience, the result was a rather schizophrenic impression of Israel.

Elia T. Zureik teaches Sociology at Queen's University, Ontario.

The author wishes to extend his thanks to the Israeli division of the Institute for Palestine Studies for giving generously of their time in providing much needed assistance. This article is part of a larger sociological study of the Palestinians, which is nearing completion.