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VOL. 48


No. 1
P. 188

This is part 139 of a chronology begun by JPS in Spring 1984, and covers events from 16 May to 15 August 2018 on the ground in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) and in the diplomatic sphere, regionally and internationally. The end of the quarter saw the Great March of Return approach its fifth consecutive month of protests along Gaza’s border fence with Israel. Palestinian protesters’ use of incendiary balloons and devices was the source of much consternation and disproportionate retaliatory force by Israel; and the cessation of these devices eventually became the crux on which a cease-fire agreement hinged. After several failed attempts, a tenuous Egyptian- and UN-backed cease-fire between Israel and Hamas was reached on the last day of the quarter. Meanwhile, U.S. senior advisor Jared Kushner and U.S. special representative Jason Greenblatt toured the Middle East to promote a plan to raise money for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and to promote their U.S. Palestinian-Israeli peace initiative. The plan was seen by many Palestinians as an effort to delegitimize Palestinian refugees’ right to aid and return.