Muhammad Ali Khalidi

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Muhammad Ali Khalidi

Professor of Philosophy at York University in Toronto,

Chairman of IPS Research Committee

Khalidi is a professor of Philosophy at York University in Toronto, and has worked on philosophical aspects of the question of Palestine, including refugee rights, the right of political self-determination, and the ethics of war.  He also works in the philosophy mind and cognition, including the influence of language on thought.

He serves on the Insitute's Board of Trustees and is a member of the Research Committee.

He was also the inaugural guest of Palestine Studies TV, where he discussed his article, "The Most Moral Army in the World"? The New "Ethical Code" of the Israeli Military and the War on Gaza.


What is the "Arab Street"?
Institute for Palestine Studies Board of Trustees and Research Committee member Muhammad Ali Khalidi appeared on On the Media on 4 February 2011 to discuss his paper The Arab Street: Tracking a Political Metaphor . BROOKE GLADSTONE: This...


Prof. Muhammad Ali Khalidi Blames Authoritarian Regimes for Lack of Arab Support for Palestinians

This interview was published by Fars News Agency on 11 October 2015. After several decades of military occupation, the living conditions of the Palestinian people haven’t improved significantly, and the leaders of the Arab states also seem to be indifferent towards their suffering. Figures and statistics show that unemployment, poverty and inflation pervade in the Occupied...

Five Lessons Learned from the Israeli Attack on Gaza

This article was published by the online journal Theory & Event (Volume 18, Issue 1 Supplement, January 2015) and appeared on Project Muse. Several months on, the dust has still not settled in Gaza, as people continue to sift through the rubble, mourn their loved ones, and try to reconstitute their shattered lives. The toll is familiar but hard to fathom: over 2,000 dead (...

Does Israel Target Civilians?

The proportion of civilian casualties has been similarly high in previous Israeli assaults on Gaza, as well as the war on Lebanon in 2006. This time, even US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, no stranger to the concept of “collateral damage,” has gone on the record to express concern about the number of Palestinian civilian deaths . With precision-guided munitions and a military...

The Arab Street: Tracking a Political Metaphor

This co-authored paper with Terry Regier was originally published in the Middle East Journal, a publication of the Middle East Institute. Understanding Arab public opinion is central to the search for sustainable political solutions in the Middle East. The way Westerners think about Arab public opinion may be affected by how it is referred to in their news media. Here, we show...


Manifestations of Identity: The Lived Reality of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Institute for Palestine Studies scholar Muhammad Ali Khalidi is the author of Manifestations of Identity: The Lived Reality of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon.