Netanyahu's Reelection: Implications for Israeli Politics and Palestinian Statehood


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Friday, 19 April, 2019 -
12:00 to 13:30
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Dr. Raef Zreik
Associate professor, Carmel Academic College; Academic co-director, Minerva Centre for the Humanities, Tel Aviv University
Raef Zreik, who was born in Eilaboun in the Galilee, is a prominent Palestinian lawyer and academic. He is currently associate professor in jurisprudence at Carmel Academic College in Haifa and academic co-director of Minerva Centre for the Humanities at Tel Aviv University. Zreik earned a first degree in law and a more

About the event: 

The reelection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a fifth term was widely perceived as a blow to the prospects for peace and protection of Palestinian rights.

Netanyahu's pledge to annex parts of occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank, as well as the ongoing marginalization of Palestinians inside Israel, make Palestinian statehood and the possibility of a peace plan seem ever more distant.

To assess the consequences of this vote, the Institute for Palestine Studies, in partnership with the Middle East Institute (MEI), held a timely conversation with Raef Zreik, a prominent Palestinian lawyer and academic. Zreik discusses what the elections say about the Israeli body politic, and the implications for Israel’s domestic and foreign policy. Amb. Gerald Feierstein, MEI’s senior vice president, moderates the conversation.