United Nations Resolutions on Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Volume 7 (2005-2011)

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This is the latest volume of a unique collection which brings together for the first time the texts of all the resolutions relevant to the Palestine question and the Arab-Israeli conflict from 1947 through 2011. These include not only the Security Council and General Assembly resolutions, but also those of all the subsidiary organizations and specialized agencies that have dealt with the various manifestations of these issues. The volumes are designed for easy use. Each includes a subject guide and a chronological listing of the resolutions by agency of issue and index. In addition to the voting lists that follow each resolution, all six volumes include as appendices Security Council and General Assembly voting tables, enabling the reader to trace votes for any given resolution as well as voting patterns over the years of individual member states. The United Nations Resolutions collection is an authoritative reference work that should prove invaluable to UN delegates, diplomats, academics and foreign offices all over the world.

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About the Author(s)

Prepared by:Jeanette Saroufim,Mirna Itani,Jihan Salhab

Jeanette SAROUFIM is the Librarian, IPS-Library, Beirut, since 2006.

Edited by :Mona Nsouli

Mona NSOULI is the Director of the Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS) Beirut office, and the Director of the Center for Information and Documentation at IPS. 


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