The Political Economy of High Tech Industry in Israel

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This book addresses in a quantitative analytical manner the emergence and development of high-tech industry in Israel since the British mandate on Palestine until the present time, dwelling on the military, economic, political, social and international dimensions of the issue. This examination is based on two axes: the first one is a description of the environment that saw the emergence of the high-tech industry, its development and adaptation to local, regional and international changes. The second axis is about the role played by the industry as a lever for Israeli strategic goals at the regional and international levels.

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About the Author(s)

Fadle Mustafa al-NAQIB is professor of econometrics at Waterloo University in Canada. He has numerous publications in Arab, European, and American academic journals. He has been a consultant to UNIDO, UNCTAD, and UNDP.

Moufid Ahmad QASSUM: born in Harat Khillat Hassan in Sakhnin, Galilee, studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He holds a Master of international development and zone planning from Clark University in the United States, and a PhD in urban planning and international development from Illinois College in Chicago. He worked at Birzeit  University, and was Director-General of the Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies (Madar) in Ramallah. He is currently a lecturer and Vice President for international relations at the Arab-American University in Jenin.


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