The Palestine Problem and the One-State/Two-States Solution

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This study is a contribution to the ongoing debate on the one-state and two-states solutions, especially in the light of the negotiation deadlock and dead-end settlement prospects. The successive Israeli governments have dealt a fatal blow to the two-states solution which has become illusive, while the one-state solution is neither possible nor achievable. Instead of the stalled projects, the author suggests moving from thinking about the solutions to thinking about the tools and power relations. Besides the analytical level, the study offers a short review of the history of the one-state idea in the Jewish and Zionist politics and thought on one hand, and in the Palestinian political thought on the other hand, showing the points of convergence and divergence. The study aims at enriching the Palestinian political thought and opening the debate prospects away from repeated frameworks and the current back and forth between the one-state and two-states solutions.

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Raef ZREIK is a graduate of The Hebrew University, Columbia Law School, and Harvard Law School. He is a lecturer at the Carmel Academic Center and Co-Director of the Minerva Humanities Center, Tel Aviv University. His research and teaching address questions related to legal and political theory.


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