The Palestine Documents, 1966

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This volume documents the events and development of the Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict (with regards to Palestinian Arabs) during the year 1966. It includes the most important documents issued by Arab states (leaders, officials and official bodies), Palestinian institutions including the PLO (the Palestinian National Council, the Executive Committee, and its President), factions of the Palestinian National Movement, Palestinian unions, syndicates and federations, Arab collective action (Arab summits, the Arab League and its branches), unofficial Arab bodies including political parties and movements, unions and syndicates, and cultural, religious, student, labor, women’s, and vocational institutions.

E edition: 
Second (First, 1967)

About the Author(s)

Compiled and edited by:Munther Anabtawi

Munther ANABTAWI is a professor of law at the University of Jordan.


Institute for Palestine Studies and Center for Research and Documentation, Abu Dhabi
Second (First, 1967)
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