Hamas : Political Thought and Practice

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This is the first comprehensive and in-depth study of the Hamas movement in Palestine, examining its historical, ideological, and operational dimensions. It traces the genesis of Hamas during the first Palestinian uprising, examines its political formation and presents its evolving attitude toward the struggle with Israel. The author also discusses Hamas’ relations with the PLO and other actors on the Palestinian political scene and its Arab and international relations.

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Third (Second 1997; First 1996)
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About the Author(s)

Born in the Dheishah refugee camp, Bethlehem (West Bank), Khaled HROUB graduated in civil engineering and urban studies from the University of Jordan, Amman. He obtained his Ph.D in international relations at Queen's College, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.


Institute for Palestine Studies
Third (Second 1997; First 1996)
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Language: Arabic
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