Bibliography of Hebrew Newspapers and Magazines 1972

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This detailed resource was prepared to assist researchers on Israeli affairs. It provides a detailed annotated bibliography, organized by subject matter, of the contents of Israeli Hebrew publications in 1972. It classifies the analyses, editorials, and news reports concerning various aspects of Israeli society under 15 headings: internal affairs; external affairs; economics; society; culture and science; military affairs; Arabs in Israel; territories occupied in 1967; Israel, world Jewry, and the Zionist movement; Palestine and the Palestinian resistance; Arab world; Egyptian Arab Republic; other Arab states; United States; and Soviet Union. The sources for this bibliography include six Israeli newspapers, two periodical magazines, one military weekly magazine, three military quarterlies, and an Arab newspaper and magazine. For each article, the bibliography specifies: the name of the publication, date of the publication, issue number, page number, author, article title, and explanatory notes concerning the contents of the article.

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