Jamil Hilal

انت الان تتصفح النسخة القديمة من موقعمؤسسة الدراسات الفلسطينية

قم بزيارة موقعنا الجديداضغط هنا

Jamil Hilal

Professor, Birzeit University and board member of Majalla al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyya.

Jamil Hilal is a sociologist at Birzeit University and a senior research fellow at the Palestinian Institution for the Study of Democracy (Muwatin) in Ramallah.  He is a member of the Editorial Board of IPS's Arabic language journal,
مجلة الدراسات الفلسطينية (Majalla al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyya).

Hilal previously served as lecturer at the University of Durham, and was a research fellow at Oxford University. He is a founding member of the Palestinian Poverty Commission and a major contributor to its 1998 National Poverty Report. Hilal has been a member of the Palestinian National Council since 1983.

Selected Publications:
Where Now to Palestine, the Demise of the Two State Solution, ed. (Z Books, 2006); The Formation of the Palestinian Elite: From the Palestinian National Movement to the Rise of the Palestinian Authority (Ramallah and Amman: 2002); Towards a Palestinian Social Security System, a joint publication in English and Arabic (Ramallah: 1999); The Palestinian Political System after Oslo, published in Arabic (Beirut and Ramallah: 1998), revised edition published in 2006.