انت الان تتصفح النسخة القديمة من موقعمؤسسة الدراسات الفلسطينية

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Issue . 69
P. 87
Derelict Structures
Stolen Land: Tracing Traumascapes in Four Leprosaria in the Jerusalem District

In the writing of history of threatened heritage, collectively we can better understand the return to sovereign title and rightful citizenry of space. In Jerusalem and its surrounding suburbs are four leprosaria: Mamilla Asylum, Jesus Hilfe Asyl (Talbiya), Silwan and Surda (star) Mountain. These leprosaria were places of significant medical developments in the treatment of leprosy, specifically with the research of the Palestinian physician Tawfiq Canaan, important community development amongst Muslims, Christians and Jews and places of great trauma with the exile of Palestinian medical staff and leper patients in 1948 and the subsequent attempt at erasing the violence of this medical exile. This paper looks to the history of these four leprosaria to trace the role of architecture in medical developments and the human experience of exile from 1867 – 1960 in Palestine.