Artists Re-member Palestine in Beirut

انت الان تتصفح النسخة القديمة من موقعمؤسسة الدراسات الفلسطينية

قم بزيارة موقعنا الجديداضغط هنا


VOL. 32


No. 4
P. 22
Artists Re-member Palestine in Beirut

The following article examines the work of seven visual artists of the first generation of Palestinian refugees whose careers unfolded in Beirut, at the time the cultural center of the Arab world and "the metropolis of Arab modernity." The two groups of refugee artists--those from the camps and those who became part of Beirut's elite artistic scene-produced works very different in approach and spirit, but which all bore the stamp of their experience of Palestine. While examining the works of these artists in the context of their lives, the paper also highlights the sometimes explicit, sometimes hidden presence of Palestine.

Kamal Boullata, an artist whose works are held in numerous public collections, including those of the Arab World Institute in Paris, the World Bank, the New York Public Library, and the British Museum, has written extensively on art. He lives in the south of France.