Finding Full Text

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When you search the online catalogue, you will find an abstract or reference to an article, report, etc., but not the full text. We often have the journal in print at the library.

To find out if the library has the entire article, you need to follow these steps:
  • Do a title search in the Online Catalogue for the title of the journal or for the title of the article.
  • If we have the journal, check which volume and year you need for the article, and make sure we have it.
  • If the journal is in print, it is on the shelves and you can request it. If it is in print and you can not visit the library, you can fill in a Photocopy Request Form and have it sent to you.

Tips for finding journals in the catalogue:

  • A title search is more effective than a keyword search.
  • If you get too many results, limit your search to journals only.
  • Library Guidelines are available.
  • Ask a Librarian for further help or advice. You can give us your Suggestions or Contact the Library.