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Before You Ask

Be sure to check our web site and the FAQ section below. Many answers to your most common questions are included. The easiest and quickest way is by entering a term in the search box located at the top right of each page.

The library will only handle questions to which a documented factual answer exists. Hypothetical questions and requests to undertake original research are beyond the scope of Ask a Librarian. The library staff will not analyze an issue or give opinions. Questions will be answered by the librarians and will be sent within two working days.


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What are the Library’s opening hours?

The IPS-Library opening hours are: 

Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

The library will be closed on official holidays.

Loans cease 10 minutes before closing time at the Library. The entrance door is locked 10 minutes before closing time. Essential system maintenance is undertaken at this time.

Who can use the library?

All users are welcome provided they abide by Library rules. Users are entitled to in-library use only, including photocopying facilities.

Can I eat and drink in the library?

Eating, drinking or smoking is not allowed in the library. Food and drinks will be confiscated by library staff.

How do I find a book, a serial, an article, a map, etc?

Use the Library Online Catalog. You can search by title, author, keyword, series, etc. to find a book or any other item in the library. Online instructions appear when you click on Guidelines. The IPS-Library follows the closed stacks policy. Users should ask the Circulation staff to fetch the requested items.

Can I search the Library Online Catalog from outside the Library premises?

The Library Online Catalog is accessible from the Library homepage, or directly at

How can I locate a journal in the library's collection?

• For journals on subscription, go to Serials Currently Received and browse by title; • For journals available in our collections, go to the Library catalog and search by title, publisher, subject, keyword, etc...

How do I find the full text of an article?

Please refer to the database help page Finding the full text of an article.

How do I find out what videos, maps, posters, etc. the Library has?

The IPS-Library uses a special classification for its special collections of audio-visual materials, maps, etc, To see if the library has videos, maps, posters, etc., on a certain subject, you should:

  • Go to the library catalogue ( ).
  • Search by using the Classmark option.(To have a detailed listing of the Special classification we use, click here).
  • Click on Go button.
  • A list of titles having this particular classmark will be retrieved.
  • Click on title to view the full bibliographic information.

How do I cite my sources?

A citation is the information needed to identify a book or article: author, title, date, etc. For books, it will include the publication information; for articles, it will include the periodical title, volume, issue and page numbers. It is crucial that you cite your sources to give credit to the author you are referring to. Failing to do so will result in Plagiarism. Styles commonly used are MLA, APA and Chicago. For a manual worksheet click on Citation Machine.

Can I check email or do word processing on the library computers?

Because of the enormous demand that email and word processing would create, the library cannot permit patrons do these functions on our terminals.

Can I surf the web on library computers?

Due to the limited number of terminals available in the library, we do not encourage web-surfing, although there is currently no policy against it.

Are laptops allowed in the library?

Yes, you can use your laptop computer in the IPS-Library, and you can have Internet access.

Can I use my laptop and wireless connection in the library?

Yes, you can. Refer to the Wireless Internet Access at the following link:Wireless Internet Access

Does the library have current daily newspapers that I can read?

Current newspapers from a selected number of countries are available in the Reference Room.

Can I check out any kind of item from the Library?

Books, Periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.), CDs, Diskettes, Videos, Films, etc. cannot be checked out of the library according to the Library’ rules.

What photocopying facilities are available in the Library?

hotocopiers available in the Library produce single-sided, black and white copies. The Library can also provide colored copies, but this service would require more time to be processed. You should fill a Photocopy Request Form to have your order processed. Check Photocopying Services for detailed information.All photocopying of copyrighted material is governed by Copyright Law. The individual making the photocopy is liable for any infringement.

How can I make a suggestion to the library?

Suggestions, questions or comments regarding the policies, facilities, etc. of the library can be submitted by filling the Suggestions and Recommendations Form.

Can I recommend new items to be added to the Library?

Yes. You can use the Suggest New Items form to suggest new items to be added to the Library.

Can I donate books and other material to the library?

The Library welcomes inquiries about donations but unfortunately cannot accept everything. We advise prospective donors NOT to send the item(s), but instead, to contact the Library, and describe the items they wish to donate to the library. The usefulness of the donation is determined before delivery. No conditions may be imposed relating to any material after its acceptance by the Library. Items that are not appropriate or are duplicated in the library may be accepted for exchange with other libraries.

Do you offer help in researching a topic?

IPS librarians are here to help you. You can ask for assistance in person at the library, or online by filling out the Ask a Librarian form.

Can I report broken links in the Library website?

To comment on some aspect of the Library website (broken links, good/poor design, etc.), we have a special form to Report Broken Links in the Library.

I am having trouble finding resources.

If you have any difficulty finding information, please visit or phone the Library. You can also email your query by filling out the Ask a Librarian form. The staff can assist you in finding information in books, journals, newspapers, the Internet and more.