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Privacy Policy

We do not collect personal information about you when you browse our website, other than what you yourself may decide to provide. However, as is the case with any Internet website, some information is automatically generated, as is described below.


The type of information that is automatically stored consists of:

The name and address of the Internet domain which you use to surf the web, for example,, if you reach our site using America Online, or .edu if you link to the Internet from a university site.
The date and time of your visit (hit or download).
The url of the site used to reach ours.
Such automatically stored data generates statistics on the number of visitors to the site and the domain name used, as well as which pages are viewed and the number of times they are viewed and/or downloaded,. This kind of data is helpful in developing our website in a way that is useful to our visitors.


If you email us a comment or query, we will use whatever personal data you provide to respond to your question or to improve our services. Under no condition do we share your email, address, or other information with any other organization.


Our site provides links to other websites. When you link to another site from, please note that you will no longer be on our site and therefore our privacy policy will no longer apply. Instead, the privacy policy of the site you have linked to will be in force.