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Since its foundation, IPS has published over 600 books, monographs, occasional papers, and documentary collections in English, Arabic, and French. The Institute commissions original studies and publishes works not only on Palestinian history and the genesis and evolution of the Palestine problem, but also on Palestinian collective memory, identity, and heritage; the Zionist movement and Israel; international diplomacy (with particular reference to the United Nations and the role of the United States); and the peace negotiations.

Many of the leading Arab scholars working in this field have served for various periods of time on the staff of one of the IPS offices, contributed to IPS publications, or received research fellowships from the Institute.




The Institute publishes four quarterly journals in English, French, and Arabic, which are independently edited from Washington, Ramallah, Paris, and Beirut. With different readerships consisting of academics, experts, students, activists, writers and journalists, the four quarterlies each have a distinctive character, though all benefit from cooperation among them and the pooling of information, expertise, and materials from their respective fields.

Journal of Palestine Studies


The Journal of Palestine Studies, Washington, DC, is the Institute's flagship. Established in 1971, it is published and distributed by the University of California Press. JPS accounts for nearly 20% of all articles downloaded from Middle East publications carried by JSTOR, the leading US database of scholarly journals. Through its peer reviewed articles, reports, and occasional interviews, it offers a range of perspectives by Arab, American, European, and Israeli scholars. Other sections include book reviews; rigorous summaries of the quarterÕs events; a detailed day-by-day chronology; a monitor of Israeli settlement activity; key documents; and an extensive bibliography of periodical literature.

Revue d'études palestiniennes


Revue d'études palestiniennes, Paris, was established in 1982, and was published and distributed by the prestigious Editions de Minuit. Its articles and essays have a literary bent and flavor, and cover a wide range of topics than Palestinian affairs or the Arab-Israeli conflict. As one of the most important Franco-Arab periodicals in France, the Revue enters into the country's intellectual debates and occupied an important place on the French intellectual scene.

Jerusalem Quarterly


The Jerusalem Quarterly, Ramallah, the Palestinian West Bank. has offered lively essays and scholarly articles on JerusalemÕs history and current situation since 1998. In addition to covering such issues as diplomatic developments, demographic trends, and Israeli regulations affecting Arab residence in the city, it gives particular emphasis to little known cultural, communal, and sociological dimensions of the cityÕs heritage. It also features reviews of books, monographs, films, and conferences dealing with Jerusalem and covers local cultural events.

Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyah


Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyah, London and Beirut, has been published since 1990 and is simultaneously reprinted in Ramallah for distribution in the occupied Palestinian territories and in Israel. Majallat provides a major forum for intra-Palestinian debate and constitutes a unique and vital intellectual link among Palestinians of the occupied territories, Israel, and the Diaspora. A team of Palestinian Hebraists monitors and analyzes Israeli political trends. International developments and diplomacy with regard to Palestine are also closely monitored.


IPS organizes and participates in international seminars, conferences and book fairs, the most important of which is the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) conference, held annually in the United States. The Institute also holds brainstorming seminars that bring together senior IPS research staff, selected guests, and outside scholars.