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Issue . 80
P. 92
From “Rag-and-Tatter Town” to Booming-and- Bustling City: Remembering Mildred White and Ramallah

Abstract: This article from Hutchison opens with his description of the Ramallah he knows—having come to the city 17 years after the Nakba. He places this in juxtaposition to the Ramallah described by the Quaker missionary, Mildred White, who had lived in Ramallah during 1948. He then introduces two excerpts; one from Lois Haned Jordan’s Ramallah Teacher and the other from Mildred White’s American Friend. Jordan’s writing introduces, in more detail, the function that White served in the Friends School while White’s offers, in detail, her perception of the standard of living in what she calls the “Rag-and-Tatter Town” that is (now was) Ramallah.


Keywords: autobiography; biography; Ramallah; missionary.